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York Line Cylinders Maintenance and Installation Technology

Cylinder maintenance and installation technology
Cylinder or cylinder system partition or system partition during the entire installation or maintenance process, due to the entire maintenance process and maintenance technology, can not meet the expansion gap of the steam seal bag, or the expansion gap of the ear plate is inappropriate, the huge expansion caused by the deformation of the operating cylinder force.
The application quality of the cylinder sealant is not very good, or there is too much residue or the wrong type; if the cylinder sealant will accumulate and close the hard particles.
However, the anchor bolts have insufficient torque or unqualified raw material anchor bolts. The key to the sealing of the cylinder surface is to complete the fastening force of the anchor bolts. The increase or decrease of internal stress and high temperature or load caused by the start and stop of the generator set will cause the anchor bolt stress to relax. If the bolt material tube is not good, the anchor bolt will be inadequate due to thermal or plastic deformation or rupture under the action of the expansion force of the long tube section and the ground stress during long-term operation, resulting in water leakage of the gas cylinder.
The order of the cylinder block anchor bolts is wrong. Anchor bolts are generally fixed in the middle to the two sides of the tightening. Since they are loosely tightened at large deformations, the gap will slowly disappear before the large deformations are transferred to any end of the cylinder. If it is in the middle of the two sides, the gap will be concentrated in the middle, and an arcuate gap will be generated on the cylinder surface, causing steam leakage.
Leakage inside or outside the cylinder block is generally caused by the hydraulic cylinder installation axial force, grease supply, seal ring and seal ring damage or damage, cylinder block residue and hydraulic cylinder scratches. Therefore, when the cylinder body leaks or occurs, the piston rod should be re-adjusted to the management center, the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder body should be ensured parallelism; welding fume must be checked, stability during work, and the completion of good lubrication components; when sealing When the ring and sealing ring are damaged or damaged, they should be removed and replaced immediately; if the residue in the cylinder memory is removed, it should be removed immediately; when the hydraulic cylinder fails, it should be replaced. Insufficient power of the cylinder and unstable movement are generally due to the stuck or poor lubrication of the piston rod or hydraulic cylinder, or insufficient gas supply, or condensed water and residue in the cylinder. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the management center of the hydraulic cylinder to check whether the fuel injection pump is reliable and whether the air supply pipe is blocked. The cylinder memory condensate and residue should be removed immediately.
The actual effect of the cylinder block buffer is poor, which is generally caused by the damage of the buffer seal ring or the damage of the adjustment screw. At this time, remove the seal ring and adjust the screw. The damage to the cylinder block, hydraulic cylinder and cylinder head is usually caused by the failure of the axial hydraulic cylinder or the buffer organization. The management center of the hydraulic cylinder should be adjusted in these aspects.