What is HCIC

HCIC is a professional hydraulic system exporter company founded in 1998, the company is committed to the design,production and hydraulic transmission systems solutions for different industries.From agriculture to automotive and every industry in between, HCIC products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements.The production line was developed because we understand the need for professional performance and durability.

As a supplier HCIC offers a wide range of technical products and components. HCIC markets and distributes products those are developed and produced by manufacturing facilities across the world. These products include:

* Telescopic front cylinders for trucks and trailers for tipping applications;

* A wide range of underbody cylinders;

* Single/double acting piston-cylinder which apply to engineering equipments;

* Hydraulic power pack and hydraulic power unit;

Telescopic Front Cylinders for Trucks and Trailers for Tipping Applications

Underbody Hydraulic Cylinders with Power units

Single/double acting piston-cylinder which apply to engineering equipment

Hydraulic Power Pack and Hydraulic Power Unit;

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