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Causes of Damage to Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

Causes of damage to hydraulic cylinder seals
1. I am not familiar with the structure;
2. Dust and impurity pollution;
3. Outdoor open air;
4. Bumped by external force;
5. The product failure rate is low;
6. The direction of the device is wrong;
7. The device is illegal.
1. The installation personnel are required to have a fundamental understanding of the structure of the hydraulic cylinder.
2. Before and after disassembly, try to create conditions to prevent the hydraulic cylinder from being contaminated by dust and impurities. All parts should be covered with plastic sheet after disassembly.
3. Ensure that the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank is clean, clear and free of impurities.
4. The piston rod is concentric, and the appearance is lubricated, without big rust or pitting.
5. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cylinder seal products are qualified and all the certificates are complete.
6. When installing Y-shaped and V-shaped sealing rings, pay attention to the installation direction to prevent oil leakage due to installation. For the Y-type sealing ring, its lip should deal with the pressure oil cavity. In addition, the Y-type and V-type sealing ring should be noted that the difference is that the shaft is used for the hole, so do not install it wrong.
7. When installing O-rings, do not pull them to the extent of permanent deformation, and do not roll them over; special tools should be used for the snap-key or snap-ring in the device.
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