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The Failure of the Piston Rod of the Hydraulic Cylinder and the Treatment Method

The failure of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and the treatment method
1. Insufficient pressure
1) The oil does not enter the hydraulic cylinder
2) The reversing valve is not reversing
3) The system does not supply oil
2. Although there is oil, there is no pressure
1) The system is faulty, mainly the pump or overflow valve is faulty
2) The internal leakage is serious, the piston and the piston rod are loosened, and the seal is seriously damaged
3. The pressure is not up to the specified value
1) The seal is aging or invalid, and the lip of the sealing ring is reversed or damaged
2) The piston ring is damaged
3) The set pressure of the system is too low
4) The pressure regulating valve is faulty
5) When the flow through the adjusting valve is too small and the leakage in the hydraulic cylinder increases, the flow is insufficient, causing pressure
1. Check the reason why the reversing valve is not reversing and eliminate it
1) Check the cause of the failure of the pump or overflow valve and eliminate it
2) Tighten the piston and piston rod and replace the seal
3) Replace the seal and install it correctly
4) Replace the piston rod
5) Readjust the pressure until it reaches the required value
6) Check the cause and eliminate
7) The flow rate of the regulating valve must be greater than the leakage in the hydraulic cylinder
2. The pressure has reached the requirement but still does not move
1) Problems with hydraulic cylinder structure
2) The end face of the piston is closely attached to the end face of the cylinder, and the working area is insufficient, so it cannot be started.
3) The one-way valve circuit on the cylinder with buffer device is blocked by the piston
3. The piston rod moves "don't be strong"
1) The clearance between the cylinder barrel and the piston, the guide sleeve and the piston rod is too small
2) The matching clearance between the piston rod and the cloth bakelite guide sleeve is too small
3) Poor assembly of hydraulic cylinder
4. The cause of the hydraulic circuit is mainly that the oil in the back pressure chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is not in communication with the oil tank, the throttle of the speed control valve on the oil return line is adjusted too small or the reversing valve connected to the return oil does not act.
1) An oil groove should be added to the end face to make the working fluid flow into the working end face of the piston quickly
2) The position of the oil inlet and outlet of the cylinder barrel should be staggered with the end face of the piston
3) Check the fit clearance and match it to the specified value
4) Check the fit clearance and repair the guide sleeve hole to meet the required fit clearance
5) Re-assembly and installation, unqualified parts should be replaced
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