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Reasons for the Wear of the Front Cylinder of the Dump Truck (1)

This article introduces the reasons for the wear of the Telescopic Cylinder for Dump Trailer (1)
The front hydraulic cylinder system is widely used in various engineering and road dump truck fields because of its labor-saving lifting mechanism, simple and easy installation and relatively simple structure. However, due to the harsh working environment of the system, large dust and high frequency of use, users improperly use and maintain the hydraulic system, and some failures often occur.
The adverse consequences of scratches and wear on the surface of the inner hole of the Telescopic Cylinder for Dump Trailer:
(1) The material scraps extruded from the scratched groove will be embedded in the seal. During operation, while damaging the working part of the seal, it may cause new scratches in the area.
(2) Intensify the surface roughness of the inner wall of the cylinder, increase friction, and easily cause crawling.
(3) Increase the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder and reduce the working efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder.
The main cause of scratches and wear on the surface of the inner hole of the Telescopic Cylinder for Dump Trailer
1. The scars caused when assembling the front hydraulic cylinder of the dump truck
(1) When the assembly is mixed with foreign matter to cause scars, all parts of the hydraulic cylinder must be fully deburred and cleaned before the general assembly. When the parts are installed with burrs or dirt, the foreign matter is easy to be embedded due to the "unusual strength" and the weight of the parts. Into the surface of the cylinder wall, causing scars.
(2) Scars in the installation parts When installing hydraulic cylinders, pistons and cylinder heads and other parts have large masses, sizes, and inertias. Even if lifting equipment is used for auxiliary installation, due to the small clearance of the specified fit, no matter what. Therefore, when the end of the piston or the boss of the cylinder head hits the inner surface of the cylinder wall, it is easy to cause scars. The method to solve this problem: For small products with large quantities and large batches, use special assembly guide tools when installing; counterweight, thick, and large large and medium hydraulic cylinders can only be avoided by careful and careful operation.
(3) The scars caused by the contact of the measuring instrument are usually used to measure the inner diameter of the cylinder with an inner dial indicator. The measuring contact is inserted into the hole wall of the hydraulic cylinder while rubbing, and the measuring contact is mostly made of high hardness and wear-resistant hard alloy. become. Generally speaking, the thin and elongated scratches caused by the measurement are slight and do not affect the running accuracy. However, if the measuring rod head size is adjusted improperly, the measuring contact is hardly embedded, which will cause more severe scratches. The countermeasure to solve this problem is to first measure the length of the adjusted measuring head. In addition, use a piece of paper tape that only has holes in the measuring position and stick it on the inner surface of the cylinder wall, that is, the above-mentioned shape scratches will not be produced. . Slight scratches caused by measurement can generally be wiped off with the reverse side of an old emery cloth or horse dung paper.
2. The Telescopic Cylinder for Dump Trailer does not show serious running wear marks
(1) The scars on the sliding surface of the piston are transferred. Before the piston is installed, there are scars on the sliding surface, and the installation is carried out intact without treatment. These scars will in turn scratch the inner surface of the cylinder wall. Therefore, these scars must be fully repaired before installation.
(2) The sintering phenomenon caused by the excessive pressure on the sliding surface of the piston. The piston is tilted due to the weight of the piston rod, causing unnatural strength, or the pressure on the sliding surface of the piston increases due to the lateral load, which will cause the sintering phenomenon. When designing a hydraulic cylinder, its working conditions must be studied, and full attention must be paid to the length and clearance of the piston and bushing.
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