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The Main Cause of Cylinder Wear

The main cause of cylinder wear
When the cylinder is worn out, its inner wall is drawn toward the deep groove. When the piston and piston ring rub against the cylinder wall, the sealing performance is lost, the compression pressure of the cylinder is reduced, and the power performance is lost.
1. Poor running-in: There are many tiny depressions and protrusions in the cylinder of the new machinery and the repaired diesel engine, which are not easy to form a lubricating oil film and are not easy to run-in. Pull the cylinder.
2. Poor cooling: Poor cooling will cause overheating of the piston and cylinder liner, causing expansion and deformation, losing the original normal clearance and pulling the cylinder. The reasons for poor cooling are:
1) Improper belt tightness;
2) Too much scale in the water tank requires idling cleaning;
3) The thermostat is not working normally, and it goes through a small cycle.
Use of inferior fuel: Incomplete combustion will cause serious combustion after the increase in combustion residues, which will increase the exhaust gas temperature. If timely countermeasures are not taken, the cylinder lubrication base value is improper. In addition, the thermal load of the diesel engine increases during long-term overload operation, resulting in overheating expansion and poor operation of parts, pulling the cylinder.
Ways to reduce cylinder wear
Adequate preheating to ensure adequate lubrication of components
The temperature is low in winter. After the diesel engine is started, warm up for 3~5 minutes to make all parts fully lubricated. This is because after the car is parked for a long time, 90% of the oil in the diesel engine flows into the fuel tank at the lower part of the engine, and the upper part is insufficiently lubricated. Therefore, 30 seconds after starting the diesel engine, the oil pump will press the oil to all the parts that need to be lubricated.
Prevent the high temperature of the coolant; the antifreeze must be replaced every two years; pay attention to prevent the water temperature from being high; when the water temperature reaches the upper scale, attention should be paid. The diesel engine coolant is kept within the normal temperature range of 80~95℃. The temperature is too low or too high, it will cause damage to the cylinder.
Cylinder wear will cause the following problems
1. The power output of the diesel engine has dropped significantly, which is manifested by the lack of strength of the tractor and the inability to pull when plowing or driving the trailer;
2. The increase in diesel fuel consumption indicates a significant increase in fuel consumption over time. For example, the previous tank oil can only cultivate 50 acres, but now it can only cultivate 30 acres.
3. The oil consumption has increased significantly, which is manifested as blue smoke from the diesel engine and large exhaust gas;
4. The amount of cylinder wear is too large, the engine must be repaired, four sets of lighter ones need to be replaced, serious failures such as imprinting cylinders will occur, and the economic loss is immeasurable.